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Nice to meet you:-) We are an Amsterdam based fashion label and we've been making our own accessory collection under the wings of MPD Accessories since 2014. Our collection consist of quirky scarves, hats, cushions, towels, pins and anything else that looks good in one of our designs or prints. Our ultimate dream is to become your favourite lifestyle brand and we are working our asses off to achieve that goal!

We use several techniques to compose our distinctive prints and love to use the knowledge of our friends the manufacturers. We create our products completely together. We do the drawing & sketching thing to make the coolest & inspiring prints and designs. And our friends add their sauce using the oldest and newest techniques to create a true Birds on the Run product. Happy, free, outstanding, one-of-a-kind and made mostly from natural materials. That's what we love!

We have become true friends with our suppliers, Birds on the Run wants to make honest, top quality products now and in the future. So responsible production comes natural to us, to achieve that we fully support the Business Social Compliance Initiative, as a member we implement the BSCI Code of Conduct to improve working conditions in our supplying factories.

Every supply chain should get thrilled about a Birds on the Run product. During our sourcing we look for new materials and focus as much as we can on natural or recycled options. For our scarves, cushions and towels we use a lot of viscose, modal, cotton and wool, it becomes easy to wear, soft and super stylish and we promise you always look effortlessly NICE wearing one of our products... So after all we try to do good, for nice, cool, expressive, good people like YOU!

L O V E the world, L O V E Birds on the Run